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AADigest: July/August 2014

AADigest: July/August 2014

On the Cover:

Amelia and Valerie are not only sisters but best friends. As they would say, BFFs! Amelia is 11 years old and has high functioning autism. She has a big heart and loves everyone unconditionally. She has a heart for God! Her favorite sports are riding horses and karate. She also likes beading, art and loves the Smurfs! Valerie is 6 years old and is sensitive to everyone

AADigest: January


The Way I See It – Harness the Power of Passions Temple Grandin, PhD

Positive Behavior Strategies Jed Baker, PhD

Teacher to Teacher Margaret Oliver, MEd

Social Success Katie Brady, LCSW

The Early Years Jamie Pacton, MA

Transition to Adulthood James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

Perspective Ellen Notbohm, BS

Sensory Solutions Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR and Britt Collins, MS, OTR

Autism Around the World Noel Chia Kok Hwee, EdD, BCET, BCSE


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2012 AADigest Index

2012 AADigest Index

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Attwood, Tony J/A 18

Ball, James J/F 44; M/A 16; M/J 30; J/A 48; S/O 16; N/D 30

Bashe, Patricia J/F 22

Bogdashina, Olga J/A 30

Bondy, Andy & Lori Frost M/J 50

Brady, Katie J/F 46; M/A 42; M/J 34; J/A 14; S/O 30; N/D 14

Collins, Britt J/F 12; M/A 44; M/J 16; J/A 46; S/O 14; N/D 32

Faherty, Catherine J/A 26

Fields-Meyer, Tom M/J 36

Freschi, David M/A 46

Grandin, Temple J/F 8; M/A 14; M/J 12; J/A 12; S/O 12; N/D 10

Lipsky, Deborah S/O 40

Miller, Lucy Jane J/F 12; M/A 44; M/J 16; J/A 46; S/O 14; N/D 32

Notbohm, Ellen J/F 10; M/A 40; M/J 32; J/A 16; S/O 34; N/D 12

Pacton, Jamie J/F 48; M/A 18; M/J 14; J/A 44; S/O 32; N/D 28

Robison, John Elder M/J 18

Sheahan, Bobbi and Kathy DeOrnellas J/A 36

Sicile-Kira, Chantal M/J 44

Vaughan, Jane N/D 42

Wagner, Sheila N/D 44



Australia J/F 26

Ecuador M/A 30

Kenya S/O 44

Mainland China M/J 48

Ukraine J/A 30

United Kingdom N/D 42



Anxiety: Some Thoughts from an Aspie N/D 38

Changes in Routines M/J 50

Developing Independence in Your Teen M/J 44

Developing Positive Character Strengths M/A 20

Helping Adults with AS J/A 22

Improving Time Management J/F 8

Meltdown or Tantrum? S/O 40

Organization: Prepping Your Sixth Grader for Success S/O 36

Raising a Quitter M/A 40

Raising Multiple Children with ASD N/D 16

Recognizing and Responding to Anxiety and Depression S/O 18

Teaching Independence Skills J/F 22

Transitions Without Tantrums M/A 34

When Things Don

AADigest: May

The Way I See It – Which School Is Best for My Child with ASD? Temple Grandin, PhD

The First Year – Read This, Watch That Jamie Pacton, MA

Sensory Solutions – Focus on Sensory Craving Britt Collins, MS, OTR and Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR

Transition to Adulthood – Recreational and Leisure Activities James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

Perspective – Comeback