2 thoughts on “Financial Literacy

  1. We have a 20 year old son with autism for whom we recently opened a checking account. We have been trying to teach him the basics of deposits, checks, etc., but we are running into a wall as he cannot translate the account balance showing on the screen or on a statement to how much money he has. He is stuck on needing to physically touch and count all of his money. He grasps the concept of a budget but he wants to count out the money for his expenses (vs writing a check) and then count the remaining funds to have his ending balance.

    Any ideas for getting him past the need to count the cash and accept the bank balance as what he has?

  2. I am 68 years old and I am attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online. I am in the Web design and Interactive Media Program. I am in a psychology class I am not doing so well in, but I am doing my best to hang in there anyway.

    Some of my reading assignments contained links to savants. I had a choice of various savants, so I chose Temple Granden because she was the most notable and I had seen the movie that was made about her life.

    I find autism and Asberger’s syndrome fascinating because it is almost like God has decided to make some changes in the way humans interact and process information. I would like to understand more about how these people perceive the world differently from other people and what is being done to teach them in a style that works for them.

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