2 thoughts on “Harness the Power of Passions

  1. This is true for all students and for all families. A friend did research on whether teacher who learned to listen carefully impacted the students positively. It impacted the students grades and behavior dramatically because teachers discovered what was important to them.

  2. I found this article very helpful, as to my daughter with ASD and a easier way for her teacher, paraprofessional, and myself to help her with her education process. She has huge fixations and sometimes cant get past them to live in the real world. The school is negative about using her fixations with school and I am opposite. This article will be shared with them to show it really works. Thanks to you Miss Grandin (cause she has so many of your wonderful characteristics) I read everything I can by you to help myself. She is very highly intelligent and a genius at somethings. She is 9 and in 3rd grade but works on a 9th grade level for alot of her classes. So I need to stay several steps ahead at all times. I am subscribing to this magazine and also wanted to let you know my feelings on this article.

    Sharon Baker

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