3 thoughts on “Perchance to Sleep

  1. One of the reasons my son had/has trouble sleeping is that he has so much going on in his brain. He is constantly thinking about everything and anything. This is something that has worked pretty well for us. He has 5 minutes (it used to be 10) of “free think” time. He lets his mind wander wherever it goes and thinks about anything. He has a clock in his room, so he knows when time’s up. It’s okay if he’s a minute or two over, but you get the idea. Then, after “free think” is over, he mentally puts all those thoughts in a box or chest until tomorrow. He then meditates on a word like sleep or quiet, trying to block out everything else. He also has a fan for white noise and takes melatonin, but the “free think” time was a little extra that helped a lot!

  2. I love the part about not being a martyr. Working with your husband on tag-team sleep patrol can reinforce that you’re in this together, and save you from feelings of resentment. Thanks for the great article on sleep!

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