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Submission Information for Articles & Cover Photos
Submission Guidelines for Articles

The mission of the Autism Asperger’s Digest is to share information that can assist parents and professionals in better understanding ASD and working with these individuals on a day-to-day basis and from a functional perspective. We look for articles that have a strong “hands-on” approach to the subject matter, rather than being a general overview of a topic, a theoretical exploration, or solely a personal account. The house style of articles is friendly and conversational, more like a face-to-face conversation than a research-journal report or student dissertation. About half our subscribers are parents; the other half are mostly educators and service providers (OTs, SPLs, behavior specialists, etc.)

First person stories or “life with autism” accounts written by parents or individuals with an autism spectrum disorder are also accepted for publication – but competition is tight for these spaces. Those accepted convey information that is different in some way from previously published articles in the Digest. Since 1999 we have offered more than 1000 selections, and each year personal stories top the list of 300+ submissions we receive. Of the 10-12 personal stories we select per year for publication, they each portray life with ASD in a fresh, appealing and unique manner. They go beyond a chronological account of life, and are inspiring, motivating, and have “real-life” appeal. We expect authors to “do their homework” before submitting this type of article to us, i.e. scout around and read other authors’ articles to make sure yours meets this criteria of being unique and different. Personal stories, too, must contain a practical element, some take-home, do-it-now advice or wisdom for other parents or educators, or relevant aspie-to-aspie advice.

Newsbites round out each issue. These are short, highly focused tidbits of information. Newsbites can be about anything that might interest members of the autism community: a favorite recipe for kids on a gluten/casein free diet; a tried-and-true behavior tip; an introduction to a new product/toy/CD; a parent-friendly capsule look at an interesting research study; a teaching tip; a short vignette that describes one of the many humorous or truly inspirational moments that are part of life with autism. Click here to read sample Newsbites from previous issues.

If your article is educational, instructional, incorporates “how to” tips, shares strategies or ways of working with individuals with ASD, or can inspire or motivate others towards their own personal success, it’s probably a good fit for our magazine. Education themed, strategies-based articles make up about 80% of submissions accepted for publication. The other 20% are personal and inspirational stories. When in doubt, email the Digest’s Managing Editor to discuss your article idea.

In addition to reflecting the Vision Statement of the Autism Asperger’s Digest, articles we accept for publication echo the overall perspectives that are the signature of our magazine. We believe each child with autism is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach to working with this population. We explore various information avenues, from traditional to alternative to cutting-edge. The underlying tone of articles we publish is positive, hopeful, and echoes a “can do” spirit – for both child and parent/teacher. We believe in the person beyond the autism; they are first and foremost individuals with unique traits and qualities. Their disorder is but part of who they are. We don’t do “doom and gloom” articles; sorry, it’s just not who we are. Articles we accept for publication reinforce these ideas through their tone and style, while still being written in a way that explores various options and methods of helping children and adults, their families or professionals who work with them.

General Information About Article Submissions:

  • All articles must be ASD focused and ASD specific. Newsbites must be directly applicable to the autism community but do not need to be autism-specific.
  • Articles must be originally written for the AADigest, and cannot have appeared elsewhere in print or online prior to publication.
  • Be sure to include your name, address and daytime telephone number at the top or bottom of your article.
  • Adaptations of previously published articles will be considered provided there is not more than 50% content overlap. The original article needs to be submitted for comparison.
  • Word count: Articles. 1000-1200 words for first person accounts/personal experiences/hope and inspiration pieces; 1200-2000 words for educational/instructional articles. Word count is inclusive of a 25-35 word bio and as appropriate, a reference list and/or any sidebar pieces. Please adhere to these word count guidelines when writing your article. Articles of more than 2000 words will not be considered unless the topic/idea was proposed to us beforehand and was determined to be of high interest.
  • Word count: Newsbites. 100-300 words for newsbites. Newsbites include an author byline only.
  • Publication Months: January/March/May/July/September/November. Articles are scheduled 4-5 issues (8-10 months) in advance; spaces fill very quickly.
  • Authors representing themselves as on the spectrum must have a formal diagnosis, rather than being self-diagnosed.
  • Poetry is not accepted unless it is part of a larger article that meets our guidelines.
  • Personal opinion pieces or theoretical discussions about an autism-related topic are also not accepted.

General Information About Published Books & Product Submissions:

  • Books must have autism as their main subject (as opposed to disabilities in general, or related disorders). 
  • Send a final copy of the book and associated media information. Galley proofs are not accepted.
  • Submit full versions of CD/DVD products and other products (toys, GFCF foods, etc.) for review; announcements and/or press releases are not sufficient for us to write a review or a newsbite mention.

Ways to Submit

Articles, article inquiries and newsbites:

  • Via email, as an attachment in MS Word (.doc extension), or copied into the body of the email, to editor@autismdigest.com.
  • Via mail to the address below.

Books and Products:

  • Via mail to the address below.

ALL submissions must include a contact name, address, telephone number and email address (if available) in both the email/cover letter AND the attachment.

Submit articles, newsbites, books and products, or direct further questions to:
Kim Fields, Managing Editor
Autism Asperger’s Digest
PO Box 2257
Burlington, NC  27216

Cover Photo Submission Guidelines

The search is on for children and young adults with ASD to be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of the Digest. If you’d like us to consider your child’s photo, read the Guidelines that follow carefully, then send us photos! We love them, but please note: Photos must meet ALL criteria marked with a * to be considered.

Photo Submissions Guidelines

  • The signature of the Digest is its positive, can-do attitude toward ASD. We look for photos that reflect this.
  • We like “action” photos tied to the different seasons (on a jungle gym or swing in spring, eating ice cream in summer; on a hayride in the fall, opening presents in front of the Christmas tree; building a snowman in winter, etc.)
  • The photo must be vertical in orientation.*
  • The photo image must be clear and in sharp focus.*
  • There needs to be “head room” (space between the child’s head and the top of the photo) to overlay the masthead of the magazine without covering part of the person’s face.*
  • Simple backgrounds and foregrounds are best; the child(ren) should be the main focus.
  • Natural setting photos/outdoor shots work well; we don’t consider class photos for covers.
  • Think close ups! (Chest level is about right.) One or two people are better than several farther away.* 
  • We prefer the person(s) in the photo looking out at the camera. However, we do consider other shots, provided they convey some positive or poignant feeling that comes through without eye contact.
  • At least one person in the photo must have a diagnosed autism spectrum disorder.*

Acceptable Formats

  • 8×10 photographs sent via mail to our NC office; photos will not be returned.
  • Digital files must be HIGH resolution.* (taken at a HIGH dpi setting on your camera, with a minimum 5 megapixel camera; or by a professional photographer using a high-end digital camera.) Look for files sizes of 1 MB++ if you’re not sure about a photo’s resolution.

Of Special Interest

  • Kids in Halloween or “dress up” costumes
  • Thanksgiving or Christmas themed photos
  • Winter (think snow!) shots
  • Twins with autism/AS

How to Submit Photos

  1. Please use your last name as the photo file name, ie Smith01, Smith02, etc.
  2. Email a jpeg version of the photo to editor@autismdigest.com, as an attachment. Max. file size per email: 8 MB! If you’re sending a few photos, break them up into 2-3 emails.
  3. Mail hard copy photos to: Autism Asperger’s Digest, PO Box 2257, Burlington, NC 27216.
  4. Include your name, address and daytime telephone number in each email or mail submission. *

Further questions? Contact Kim Fields, Managing Editor via email, editor@autismdigest.com or telephone 336.222.0442 (NC office; M-F, 9-5 pm ET).

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