Are there any discounts and deals?
YES, glad you asked! Deals:
$34.95 FOR 2 Years (best value at 42% discount) for Print regularly $59.95
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or (Amazon) click here – Sign up for our 30-day FREE trail subscription for Kindle; it will auto-renew for $24.99 How do I renew?
We are thrilled you are going to renew your subscription, below are ways to do it.
Online: autismdigest.com
Call: 800.674.3771
Mail check to:
Autism Asperger’s Digest | 6044 FM804 | LaRue, Texas 75770 Can I purchase single issues?
Contact Lyn at lyn.autismdigest@gmail.com or Apple and Amazon App stores. When will my issue arrive?
We are just as excited for you to receive your subscription.
Expect it to arrive the first week of the issue month. Subscriptions outside of US take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Should I notify you if I have a change of address?
Yes, we recommend you do so that your subscription gets to you. And unfortunately, we cannot replace copies that have already been mailed.
Call: 800.674.3771 or
Email: lyn.autismdigest@gmail.com