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AADigest: January – February 2012

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The Way I See It – Improving Time Management and Organizational Skills Temple Grandin, PhD

Perspective – The People in Your Language-Depleted Neighborhood Ellen Notbohm

Sensory Solutions – Sensory Overresponsivity Britt Collins, MS, OTR and Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR

Transition to Adulthood – Planning for Transition to Adulthood James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

Social Skill Strategies – The Play-Date Sandwich Katie Brady, LCSW

The First Year – Patience, Endurance, and Hope Jamie Pacton, MA


Autism Around the World – Australia Sue Larkey, MA

Inspire – How Autistic Is He? Brooke L. Zavala

Teacher to Teacher – Perspective-Taking April T. Giauque, MEd


Connecting Through Conversation
Conversations are naturally occurring events that have the immediate impact of creating a connection between participants.
Margaret Oliver

Tips for Teaching Essential Independence Skills
The time to start teaching independence skills to your child with ASD is now.
Patricia Romanowski Bashe, MSEd, BCBA

Mystery Solved! Part 1: Finding Reliable Health Information
Learn about key resources to explore health information on the Web and how to efficiently design a search strategy.
Elizabeth Irish, MLS

How to Start an Asperger’s College Support Program
The academic and social survival of AS students depends on an effective college support program.
Ken Schiff, PhD

An Aspie’s View of Death
Be understanding and nonjudgmental of your child with ASD as she processes the ideas of death and dying.
Julie Esris

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