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AADigest: March – April 2012

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The Way I See It – Tablet Computers: What They’re Good for, What They’re Not Temple Grandin, PhD

Perspective – Raising a Quitter Ellen Notbohm

Sensory Solutions – Sensory Underresponsivity Britt Collins, MS, OTR and Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR

Transition to Adulthood – Skill Building for Employment James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

Social Skill Strategies – Constructing Conversations—One Skill at a Time Katie Brady, LCSW

The First Year – Navigating Early Intervention Therapy Jamie Pacton, MA


Autism Around the World – Ecuador Cindy Borja, PhD(c)

Inspire – Precious Jewels Crystal Allemand

Teacher to Teacher – Transitions Without Tantrums Pat Crissey


Developing Positive Character Strengths
Developing courage, resilience, optimism, and self-efficacy can improve life satisfaction for individuals with ASD.
Jemma Grindstaff, PhD

Scouting with Asperger’s: One Family’s Story
Scouting is a good match for many kids on the spectrum because it provides structured, guided learning; growth; and social opportunities.
Amelia Ramstead

Autism Awareness Heroes
Two young adults on the spectrum describe their efforts to bring awareness about autism to the world.
Carly Fleischmann & Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Revisiting Inclusion: Is It Right for All Students?
Inclusion sounds nice—but is it really working out for kids on the spectrum?
David Freschi, MA

Mystery Solved! Part 2: Evaluating Health Information
Once you find online health information, determining its reliability and quality is the next step.
Elizabeth Irish, MLS

Bringing It Home: Physical Supports for Speech at Home and in Other Environments
Creating spaces that get spectrum kids moving can also get their speech development flowing.
Marge Blanc, MA, CCC-SLP

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