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AADigest: July – August 2013

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AADigest: July – August 2013


The Way I See It – Get Out and Experience Life! Temple Grandin, PhD

Teacher to Teacher – Communication Intervention: Cognitive Style Margaret Oliver, MEd

Perspective – Lessons from a Not-So-Cowardly Lion Ellen Notbohm, BS

Transition to Adulthood – Opportunities for Community Involvement James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

Social Success – Social Boundaries Katie Brady, LCSW

Positive Behavior Strategies – Coping Skills for Inflexibility and Perfectionism Jed Baker, PhD

The Early Years – Bathtime Basics Jamie Pacton, MA

Autism Around the World – Canada Vicki Harvey and Michelle Samagalski


Adolescent Issues for Individuals with AS
Improve the quality of life for your teen with these insightful suggestions. – Tony Attwood, PhD

Joint Attention—A Pivotal Skill for Children with Autism
Joint attention is a behavior, and it can and should be taught. – Rebecca Moyes, MEd

Pass, Shoot, Score!
Organized sports have helped our son build social skills in a multitude of ways. – Danyelle Ferguson

Nouns, Angles, and Street Maps: Concrete Foundations Beneath Brilliant Abstraction
We all need to be part of what we study to understand abstract concepts. – Jennifer Cook O’Toole

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