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AADigest: March – April 2013

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AADigest: March – April 2013

The Way I See It – Opening the Door on Emotions Temple Grandin, PhD

Sensory Solutions – Start Your Child’s Day on the Right Foot Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR and Britt Collins, MS, OTR

Transition to Adulthood – Financial Literacy James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

Positive Behavior Strategies – I Won’t Do It! Jed Baker, PhD

Teacher to Teacher – Brainstorming to Clear the Clouds Margaret Oliver, MEd

Social Success – With a Little Help, Friendships Blossom Katie Brady, LCSW

The Early Years – Perchance to Sleep Jamie Pacton, MA

Perspective – What Tiggers Do Best Ellen Notbohm, BS

Autism Around the World – Hungary Gábor Petri, MA

Inspire – Like Seattle Meredith Zolty, MFA


Changing the Mindset of Children and Adolescents with ASD
Help your child develop a healthy attitude toward mistakes and setbacks.
Robert Brooks, PhD, and Sam Goldstein, PhD

Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children with ASD
Get started now teaching your child about this crucial safety area.
Amelia Ramstead

Echolalia on the Spectrum: The Natural Path to Self-Generated Language
Kids with ASD can progress from echolalia to self-generated language.
Marge Blanc, MA, CCC-SLP

Laughter = Communication for Spectrum Kids
We must make the most of opportunities to teach laughter to individuals with ASD.
Kathie Harrington, MA, CCC-SLP

Sensory Issues in Teens with ASD
Sensory issues can be a powerful part of being a teen with ASD.
Jennifer McIlwee Myers

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