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AADigest: September/October 2014

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AADigest: September/October 2014

On the Cover:

Andrew Schumacher is the namesake of the Love, Andrew Autism Foundation (LAAF) – founded by his mother, Nicole Schumacher. LAAF is a nonprofit organization that works to educate and inform the public regarding awareness, understanding and response for the autism condition in children. Their first investment in children is the creation and development of the Star Room (see page 13), a calming therapeutic environment in his school created for children with autism and other issues.


14 | The Way I See It – Visual Processing Problems in Autism
Temple Grandin, PhD

16 | Perspective – Postcards from the Road Less Traveled
Ellen Notbohm, BS

27 | The Power of the Arts – Taylor Cross: What Is Normal Anyway?
Joanne Lara, MA, and Keri Bowers

28 | Planning to Be Social – Relationship Therapy and ASD
Jed Baker, PhD

30 | Insider: An Aspie’s Tips for Teens – Ruby Slippers
Jennifer Cook O’Toole

32 | Teacher to Teacher – Your Many One-of-a-Kinds
Margaret Oliver, MEd

38 | Applied Behavior Analysis – ABA in the Gen Ed Classroom
James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

42 | Autism Around the World – Bermuda
Natasha Pedro, MA, and Emma Martin, MS, BCBA

44 | Inspire – A Father’s Perspective
Don Silver


20 | Supporting Independence in High School Students with ASD
Independence ensures greater participation in school, home, and community life, and increases the likelihood of success in post–high school experiences and beyond.
Kara Hume, PhD, and Suzanne Kucharczyk, EdD

24 | Autism Service Dogs
A service dog offers connection, companionship, and a best friend. This article shows you how!
Jamie Pacton, MA

34 | Low-Cost/No-Cost Classroom Sensory Strategies
In order for all students to be ready to learn and grow, teachers and parents need to provide a sensory-friendly learning environment, integrating sensory-based strategies.
Cheryl Boucher, MS, OTR, and Kathy Oehler, MS, CCC-SLP

40 | Autism and Mental Illness
Just as our bodies fall ill with the same illnesses that neurotypical bodies do, our brains can be affected by disorders of mood, thought, anxiety, eating, addiction, and personality.
Lydia Wayman


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