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AADigest Submission Guidelines

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If your article is educational, instructional, incorporates “how to” tips, shares strategies of working with individuals with ASD, or can inspire or motivate others toward their own personal success, it’s probably a good fit for our magazine. Educational themed, strategies-based articles make up about 90% of submissions accepted for publication. The other 10% are personal and inspirational stories. When in doubt, email AADigest Managing Editor P. Jonathan Young(jonathan@fhautism.com) to discuss your article idea.

In addition to reflecting the Vision Statement of the Autism Asperger’s Digest, articles we accept for publication echo the overall perspectives that are the signature of our magazine. We believe each child with autism is unique and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to working with this population. We explore various information avenues, from traditional to alternative to cutting-edge. The underlying tone of articles we publish is positive, hopeful, and echoes a “can-do” spirit—for both child and parent/teacher. We believe in the person beyond the autism; they are first and foremost individuals with unique traits and qualities. Their disorder is but part of who they are. We don’t do “doom and gloom” articles; sorry, it’s just not who we are. Articles we accept for publication reinforce these ideas through their tone and style, while still being written in a way that explores various options and methods of helping children and adults and their families or professionals who work with them.

  • All articles must be ASD focused and ASD specific.
  • Articles must be originally written for the AADigest, and cannot have appeared elsewhere in print or online prior to publication.
  • We do not pay for articles, and we do not accept manuscripts that have been sent to other publishers.
  • Adaptations of previously published articles will be considered provided there is not more than 50% content overlap. The original article needs to be submitted for comparison.
  • Word count: Articles. 800 words for first-person accounts/personal experiences/hope and inspiration pieces; 1,200-1,500 words for educational/instructional articles. Word count is inclusive of a 25–30 word bio and as appropriate, a reference list and/or any sidebar pieces. Please adhere to these word count guidelines when writing your article. Articles of more than 1,500 words will not be considered unless the topic/idea was proposed to us beforehand and was determined to be of high interest.
  • Publication Months: January/March/May/July/September/November. Articles are scheduled 4–5 issues (8–10 months) in advance.
  • Authors representing themselves as on the spectrum must have a formal diagnosis, rather than being self-diagnosed.
  • Poetry is not accepted unless it is part of a larger article that meets our guidelines.
  • Personal opinion pieces or theoretical discussions about an autism-related topic are not accepted.


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