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Can research really change the future of autism? You can SPARK research with one click.

While science has made significant progress learning about autism, we still don’t know enough. That’s why the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) launched SPARK – an online research initiative designed to become the largest autism study ever undertaken in the U.S. SPARK will collect information and DNA for genetic analysis from 50,000 individuals with autism — and their families — to advance understanding of the causes of autism and make progress in discovering possible supports and treatments. To learn more and register online, visit www.SPARKforAutism.org.

Career Opportunities :

Openings – TX Licensed Psychologists – Asperger’s/Autism We are searching for one or more psychologists licensed to practice in Texas with 3+ years of experience diagnosing and treating adults with Asperger’s. Full-time or Part-Time. Please see “Career Opportunities” at our website, www.addanxietyandaspergers.com.  Email cover letters and resumes to shrink1@onebox.com. No phone calls or walk-ins. Thanks, Dr. R.


  1. WomensNews says:

    The mission of the Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst is to educate and develop skills for college students living with Autism Spectrum Disorders to improve vocational opportunities, social engagement and focus on abilities and not disabilities. 

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