Build Me A Bridge: Successful Transitions Through the Educational Years for
Students with Autism/AS
By Sheila Wagner, M.Ed.
The key is planning ahead to assure smooth transitions and reduce anxiety and fear.

Autism and Dating
By Thomas A. McKean
Pointers on what to do and not to do on that all important first date.

There Goes My Body, There Goes His Brain!: Using Play-Dough People to Teach Social Relatedness
By Michelle G. Winner, M.A., S.L.P., C.C.C.
A creative new way to help students establish and maintain social relationships.

You DO NOT Have the Right To Remain Silent!: A Report on Advocacy Efforts for
Law Enforcement Professionals’ Awareness of Autism
By Dennis Dabbaudt
Information on educating law enforcement professionals about individuals with Autism.

An Interview with Tennyson & Teresina Sieunarine
The World of Autism–Trinidad & Tobago

An International Plea for Autism The World of Autism

The Autism Epidemic Fact or Fiction? Part 2
Contributors: Paul Shattock & Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.
Authors discuss environmental factors and the differing concepts on diagnosis.

Shopping with an Autistic Child
By Perle Treweek
The World of Autism–Australia

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