Featured Articles
Medical Testing for Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD
By William Shaw, Ph.D. A simple, straightforward look at the array of tests available for individuals with ASD.

A Team Approach to Transitioning Students with Autism from Elementary to Middle School
By Karen H. Frohoff, Ed.D.
Successful transition to middle school requires preplanning and cooperation by staff at both schools. Start early and use this outline to guide you through the process.

Designing a Sensory Resource Room
By Jennifer Davis
Designing a Sensory Safe Haven is relatively easy; it just takes a little detective work, some imagination and a little manpower.

Is there a Continuum of Alternative Placements for Students with Asperger’s Syndrome?
By Gretchen Mertz
Children with AS are generally mainstreamed today, and most of them benefit from it. However, some students need a more restrictive setting. Are we prepared?

Autism Around the World- U.K.
X Chromosome May Provide New Clue to Cause of Autism "X" may mark the spot in the search for the cause of autism.

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