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Adam, now 10 ½ years old, was diagnosed with autism at 22 months. Through many treatments, including ABA and bio-medical, he is now functioning at age level and attends 4th grade at St. John’s Catholic School in Spring Green, WI. Adam loves surfing, football, skateboarding, French fries, swimming, biking and spending time with his cousins and best friend Wyatt.

Cover photo by Jim Nelson, Richland Center, WI.

Featured Articles

Prescription for Success
By Barbara T. Doyle, MS

Considerations in the use of medications to change the behavior of children or adults with ASD.

AADigest Interview: Dr. Rebecca Landa

Meet a pioneer and visionary in the early detection of ASD.

Homework and Beyond!
Teaching Organizational Skills to Individuals with ASD

By Michelle Garcia Winner, CCC-SLP

Strategies for teaching Executive Functioning Skills.

Developing Dating and Relationship Skills
By Jennifer McIlwee Myers

Just where and how does the single person with AS find that special someone?

Inspirational Articles

Life, Newly Discovered on the Autism Spectrum
By Kate Goldfield

Not an Interview, More like a Chat
By Madeline McEwen-Asker

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