In the Spotlight
The Heart & Soul of Inclusion: Preparing Classmates to Care
by Mark J. Cooper, PhD and Kimberly G. Griffith, PhD

Featured Books

Targeting Autism
by Shirly Cohen

Inclusive Programming for Elementary Students with Autism
by Shelia Wagner, M.Ed.


Unpacking Your Bags: Sleep Strategies for Individuals with Autism – Part 1
by Max Wiznitzer, M.D.

How Does Your Engine Run? The Alert Program for Self-Regulation

by Mary Sue Williams & Sherry Shellenberger

Bringing Sensory Integration Home: A Parent Perspective On The Alert Program for Self-Regulation

by Marci Laurel, MA, CCC

The Students that Nobody Can Handle
by Peter Gerhardt, PhD

When Diet Alone Won’t Do: Glyconutritional Supplementation for Individuals with Autism

by Jackie Rockwell, M.D. CCC-SLP

Image-Making Within the Writing Process: Combining Art, Writing & Autism
by Judith A. Bingham

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