Autism Around the World – Australia
A Journey of Discovery
By Kathy Hoopmann
Heartfelt insights about discovering the mystery of autism.

Sensory Learning
By JaNell Davis Mathews
Sensory Learning combines three proven sensory therapies: vision, auditory, and vestibular (motion). The result? Positive change in some children.

Can Enzymes Jump-Start Recovery in Autism?
By Karen DeFelice
Two new enzyme products are producing remarkable results in some children with autism.

Enhancing Social Skills In The Educational Years
By James Ball Ed.D.
Teaching social skills is an ever-changing process. Skill-streaming is a great first step.

Reflections on Asperger’s: A Few Good Things
By Ruth Burke
A 68 year-old woman who was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s reflects upon her life.

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