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Brett Emigh, pictured with his mom, is 12 years old and has Asperger’s. He has an uncanny ability to memorize entire videos or TV programs and repeat them verbatim. Brett lives in Dixon, CA and plans to own a pizza restaurant when he is older. His mom, Karen Emigh, is the author of Who Took My Shoe? and Herman’s Hiding Places.

Featured Articles

Finding the Words…
By Marge Blanc
Our new column on communication competence debuts with, “To Tell the ‘Whole’ Story”

The Deepest Love; the Most Difficult Choice
By Ginnene Stone
Residential placement is never an easy decision.

Autism Around the World –Norway
A Barrel of Monkeys

By Eric Williams
The DIY guide to building an at-home sensory playroom.

My Son Has Autism Too!
By Ashley Morgan
Think it’s easier having a high-functioning child with ASD? Read on!

For Fathers Only
By James Ball, Ph.D. Rick Jubeck, Artie Kempner, Ron Oberleitner
Personal stories, practical suggestions…just for dads.

Autism One Radio
By Edmund Arranga
Are you tuned in?

Max and Friends
An Interview with Karen Walsh
An exciting new multi-media educational product for children with ASD.

Featured Books

The Autism Encyclopedia
By John T. Neisworth and Pamela S. Wolfe Your A – Z guide to ASD terminology

By Diane Drake Burns
If you have a different child, you need a different road map. Here it is!

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