Traversing Autism The Origins of the HANDLE Approach to Autism
By Judith Bluestone
Humans function as complex interactive systems housed in one body, each part continually affecting every other part. When we view autism from its neurodevelopmental basis, growth, progress and change CAN occur.

FAMILY – Make Way For a New Definition
By Anne Patterson
Let’s face facts; when a child is diagnosed with autism, ‘normal family life’ goes out the window. For some parents, this causes enormous stress. Learn how to let go of old ideas and create new dreams.

Children’s Museum Reaches Out
By Sandra Trusewych
Read how one Illinois children’s museum uses visual tools to make kids with autism feel more at home.

The Ambassador Club: Or How An Un-cool Middle Age Woman Teaches Teenagers to Fit In
By Pat Rakovic MA CCC/SLP
How do you teach social skills in a context that is attractive and acceptable to a teenager? Create a club and make a movie!

Advice for Adult Aspies
by Lawrence M.Rubin
25 ways of making Aspie-ness work for you!

Autism Around the World – Australia
Transitioning into a New World
By Maureen Bennie
Transitioning from the perfect preschool into the not-so-perfect public education system can be difficult. One mother describes her journey.

Autistic Thinking – Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees
By Peter Vermeulen
The core of autism is not to be found on the outside, in behavior, but on the inside, in understanding how people with autism think.

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