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AADigest: November/December 2014

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AADigest: September/October 2014

On the Cover:

Aidan has never met a stranger. He is very sociable and loves to make others laugh. Aidan has many interests: With his lifelong passion for vehicles, he can identify cars like a forensic scientist can read fingerprints! His love of playing the game World of Tanks has grown into a wider interest in history. After acing his Gun Safety Course, Aidan has proven to be a natural at target shooting. He also volunteers at Petsmart, feeding, watering and socializing cats up for adoption.


14 | The Way I See It – Environmental Enrichment Therapy for Autism
Temple Grandin, PhD

16 | Perspective – “What Would He Have Told Me If He Could Have?
Ellen Notbohm, BS

18 | Teacher to Teacher – Relentless!
Margaret Oliver, MEd

28 | Insider: An Aspie’s Tips for Teens – No Spoilers
Jennifer Cook O’Toole

31 | The Power of the Arts – Everybody Wants to Be Heard: Makin’ Music with Kyle Cousins
Joanne Lara, MA, and Keri Bowers

36 | Planning to Be Social – Easing in to Conversation
Jed Baker, PhD

40 | Applied Behavior Analysis – ABA and Ethics
James Ball, EdD, BCBA-D

42 | Autism Around the World – Indonesia
Charlina Gozali and Noel Chia Kok Hwee, EdD, BCET, BCSE



20 | Spectrum Teens: An Interview with Tony Attwood, PhD
Adolescence is a challenging time whether or not you have ASD, but spectrum teens certainly have a few more challenges to face during this tumultuous time. This article provides strategies for helping spectrum teens.
Stephanie C. Holmes, MA

26 | Exiting the School System: Transition Planning
Help your child practice self-advocacy before turning 18, when the rights and responsibilities for educational decisions are legally transferred to your adult child, by becoming familiar with federal and state requirements.
Vaughn K. Lauer, PhD

32 | Partners: Conflict or Complement?
Maripat and John Elder Robison have a multitude of things they can teach all of us about relationships.
Maripat Robison

44 | A World of His Own
As divorced parents of a child with autism, we are our son’s best advocates. He is our top priority.
Stephanie Baisley


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