On the Cover
There’s lots of love between Cameron and his grandma, Eileen, who designed Special T’s to help Cameron and other kids with autism. (see below)

Listening, Understanding, Sharing & Caring: The Cornerstones of Building Friendships
By Kathy Grant
Having friends and being a friend is described by a woman with autism.

Trials And Triumphs – The Gift of Kyle
By Gayle Nobel
One mother shares the gifts her son with autism has brought to her life.

“We are closing in on the structural brain abnormalities in autism”
Autism Around the World – Scotland

Toilet Training…Is Your Child Ready?
By Connie Marks
Practical advice about toilet training including 75+ useful tips.

Mother’s Syndrome
By Josie Santomauro
Autism Around the World – Australia

Thank Heaven for Grandmas: Cameron’s Special T’s
By Shelly Steele
Take one creative Grandma, add a sewing machine and voila! Casual yet calming T-shirts that look stylish too.

Where the Skies are not Cloudy all Day
By Diane Parker
Autism Around the World – United Kingdom

Featured Artist
Mark Rimland

Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues Practical Solutions for Making Sense of the World
By Brenda Smith Myles, Katherine Tapscott Cook, Nancy E. Miller, Louann Rinner & Lisa A. Robbins
An indepth look at the sensory issues associated with Asperger’s Syndrome.




Martian in the Playground
By Claire Sainsbury
An individual with Asperger’s Syndrome offers frank and highly insightful information about what school was REALLY like.




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