On the Cover
Bryce, now 11 years old, wears many hats -literally!
He’s an actor, artist, writer, competitive
swimmer, baseball player, Cub Scout and now,
finally, an avid reader. (See related article on pg. 16)




Featured Articles
Social Skills on the Playground:
Limited Interests or Lack of Skills?
By Barbara J. Webb, Ed.D., and Tania Stegen-Hanson, OTR/L
Are we failing our children with autism in ‘playground education’? Teaching
these special skills cannot be left to chance encounters among peers.

Real Animals Don’t Talk: Nurturing a Book Lover When Fantasy Isn’t Part
of Their Reality

By Ellen Notbohm
A child who can’t comprehend and enjoy the wonderful world of books is
heartbreaking. Achieving this crucial breakthrough is possible.

[Read an Excerpt]

Autism Around the World
Pointing and Showing Problems in Children with Autism
By Susan Leekam and Christopher Ramsden
New research suggests that the failure to point and show things to others may emerge from the much simpler beginnings of face-to-face interaction.

Animal Assisted Therapy: One Family’s Experience
By Ann Killion
Read how one Certified Assistance Dog named Quincy became a bridge to the
outside social and sensory world for a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome.

What I See and What I Hear:
Intervention Tools to Improve Visual and Auditory

Performance in Children With Autism/Asperger Syndrome
By Joan Klein, M.S.
Learn to recognize the signs of visual and auditory processing delays and how
best to help these children.

A Mother’s Wish List for a Teacher
By Diane O’Rourke-Bankus
Need we say more?

Featured Books
Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy
By Amy L. Lansky, Ph.D.
An in-depth account of the history, philosophy, science and experience of
homeopathic medicine.

Herman’s Hiding Places
By Karen Emigh
Herman helps your young child discover the concepts up, in, under and
behind. A sequel to the widely popular Herman book, Who Took My Shoe?



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In Every Issue
Managing Editor, Veronica Zysk on Autism

Ask the Experts
By Amy Rothenberg ND
This Month: The Homeopathic Treatment of Autism

Special Education Law
By Reed Martin, J.D.
This Month: Regular Teachers’ Rights In Special Education

Research Update
By Laurence M. Hirshberg
This Month: Quantitative EEG: Mapping the Autistic Brain

Autism: The Way I See It
By Temple Grandin, Ph.D.
This Month: Alternative versus Conventional Medicine

Straight Talk About Language & Communication
By Diane Twachtman-Cullen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
This Month: Impediments to Progress: Commonly-Held Myths about Communication and Language Development in Children with Autism
Spectrum Disorders

Simply Good Ideas
By David F. Freschi
This Month: 10 Everyday Teaching Bloopers & How to Avoid Them

Inspiration: Autism
By Kevin B. Jackson
This Month: A Blessing in Disguise

GF/CF: Plain and Simple
By Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D.
This Month: Breakfast: Think Outside the Box

Horse Sense:
Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Winning the Race of Life
By Jerry Newport
This Month: It is Our Democratic System Too

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Coming Attractions – May/June 2004

Food Selectivity: Practical Ideas for a Common Problem
How Neurofeedback Helps Individuals with Autism
Transfer Factor: Immune System Modulators
Integrated Preschool: Where ALL Children Connect
Hyper-Oxygen Therapy

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Straight Talk on Language & Communication
Autism the Way I See It by Temple Grandin
Horse Sense:
Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Winning the Race of Life
Simply Good Ideas
Special Education Law
Inspiration: Autism

GF/CF: Plain & Simple

Research Update

Ask the Experts
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