Jesus will be pleased with dat one, won’t He, Mum?
Asperger’s and Faith
By Kathy Hoopmann

A parent talks about God’s presence in her life, in her son’s and the difference it has made.

The Top 10 Reasons Medication Isn’t Working With Your Child With Autism
By Max Wiznitzer, M.D.

Not sure your child’s medication is working? Learn why.

Durable Pets: My Lifelong Love of Pets
By Jerry Newport
The big payoff? Teaching your child about unconditional love.

Build Me A Bridge, Part 2: Successful Transitions Through the Educational Years for Students with Autism/AS
By Sheila Wagner, M.Ed.
Transitioning to High School, College and Adulthood.

Leesa’s Calendar
By Bob Carpenter
How one family soothes transition anxiety.

First Direct Evidence of Amygdala Impairment Link
Autism Around the World–UK

New Spanish Study Investigates Language Impairments Autism Autism Around the World–Spain

Inside Out: What Makes Persons with Social-Cognitive Disorders Tick?
By Michelle Garcia Winner
The I LAUGH approach to social cognition.

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Dear Charlie: A Grandfather’s Love Letter
By Earle P. Martin, Jr.
Words of wisdom from a loving grandfather to his grandson.


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Ten Steps Towards Supporting Appropriate Behavior

Head for the Lakes!
The Summer Camp Experience

Difficult Children, Difficult Parents

Designing the Classroom for Students with Autism

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Getting Your Child with Autism What They Are Entitled to Under Federal Laws

Autism: Solving the Relationship Puzzle An innovative new program to teach social relatedness.


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