Toxic Metals
What you can do to Protect your Child with Autism

By Linda G. Shepard
Environmental toxins are more difficult for individuals with autism to filter out, and exposure to heavy metals is part of daily life. What if you suspect toxicity? What can you do? Learn the most frequent culprits and how to take control of your environment.


By Geoffrey Horwitz.
“The more time I spent with him, the more I watched him work and achieve, the more love and acceptance I began to feel.” An eighteen year-old talks about his brother’s autism.

The Journey Out of Autism
By Raun K. Kaufman

At the Autism Treatment Center of America, attitude is not apart from the techniques; it is, arguably the most important part. Diagnosed with severe autism at age 18 months, Raun Kaufman talks about the Son-Rise Program and his life as a recovered autistic.

Autism Around the World – France
French Team Excited By Brainwaves Discovery

Teachers We Love: Deborah Moeller, A Dream Come True
by Patricia Obenour

This teacher gets an A+ for her work with students with autism/As.

Click here to read an except from this article.

Trent: Living Independently
By Jackie Altman Marquette

Written to help Trent’s care team better understand her adult son, Jackie’s words ring true for all of us to better understand adults with autism striving to become independent.

Take Five! Staying Alert at Home and School
By Mary Sue Williams & Sherry Shellenberger
Using the five sensorimotor categories, learn a wide range of suggestions and activities to support optimal levels of alertness in classroom and home environments.

Special Diets for Special Kids Two
By Lisa Lewis, Ph.D.
The long awaited sequel to Special Diets for Special Kids! Lisa offers updated information and lots of new recipes to keep you happily cooking GF/CF.



Sensory Secrets
How to jump-start learning in children
By Catherine Chemin Schneider, O.T.R.

Explore the foundation to learning that input from the sensory systems provides.

Visit the Sensory Secrets website.

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Into the Light: Our Journey through Early Intervention
by Jacqueline McCracken-Houck
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Straight Talk on Language & Communication
by Diane Twachtman-Cullen
This Month: The Communication-Behavior Connection in ASD

Horse Sense
Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Willing the Race of Life
by Jerry Newport
This Month: Why Horse Sense?

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Special Education Law
Find the latest information about special education programs around the country and the laws that effect them.
This Month: Least Restrictive Environment: The Key to Your Child’s Future
by Reed Martin, J.D.

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This Month: The Yale Child Development Center

Autism: The Way I See It
Insight and advice from someone who knows what it’s like to have Autism
by Temple Grandin
This Month: Autism & Religion: Teach Goodness

Inspirational thoughts and articles about autism.
by Jennifer Kummins
This Month: It Takes a Village…

What’s new and best on the Internet for autism information.

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How to be an Advocate for Children with Autism/AS
Leading a Self-Determined Life: Advice for Parents of Adults with Autism/AS
PECS: Creative Visual Tools for Communication
Thanks, Mom: What My Mother Did Right

How Well does your IEP Measure Up?

Too Smart for Bullies


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