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John is 6 years old and loves going to kindergarten, music, singing songs, stomping in the snow, eating out at Mexican restaurants and getting into his big sister’s treasures.




Featured Articles
What’s Incidental about Incidental Teaching?
by Gail McGee
Incidental teaching is becoming increasingly popular as a strategy for teaching children with autism.

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Special Mothers
by Kaitryn Sheehan Wertz
A celebration of beautiful mothers, and the wisdom they so willingly share.

Using the Listening Program in the Treatment of Autism
by Alexander Doman & Dorothy Lockhart Lawrence
Auditory processing problems are common in children with autism. This music-based sound stimulation program can help.

It’s Not too Early to Think about College
by Lars Perner
Planning is key if your child is thinking about going to college. And, it needs to start earlier than you may think.

Autism Around the World
Twins ‘May be more likely to Develop Autism’-UK & USA

Featured Books
A Will of His Own – Reflections on Parenting a Child with Autism
by Kelly Harland
Is your spirit sagging? Need an emotional lift? Run out and buy this book.

Engaging the Resistant Child through Computers
A Manual to Facilitate Social and Emotional Learning
by Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D., Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D. and Steven E. Tobias, Psy.D.
A how-to manual that couples ideas about social/emotional learning with step-by-step computer instructions. The end result: new projects that can help your child.

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In Every Issue
Managing Editor, Veronica Zysk on Autism

Autism: The Way I See It
By Temple Grandin
This Month: Disability versus Just Bad Behaviors

Ask the Experts
By Linda Mulstay-Muratore, MA, CCC-SLP
This Month: Videomodeling

GF/CF: Plain and Simple
By Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D.
This Month: Making it Special

Simply Good Ideas
By David F. Freschi
This Month: Who’s Got the Goodies?

News From Future Horizons

Special Education Law
By Reed Martin, J.D.
This Month:
Persuasive Arguments in an IEP Meeting: Using the Law to Make your Point

Straight Talk About Language & Communication
By Diane Twachtman-Cullen
This Month: Theory Of Mind Intervention 101: Coding Intentions And Making Connections For Individuals With ASD

Horse Sense: Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Winning the Race of Life
By Jerry Newport
This Month: Autistic Horse Sense as I Know it in My Life

Research Update
by Danny Tayar, M.D. & Barbara Schipper, B.A.S.W.
This Month: The Mifne Center

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Abeles-Kummins is on vacation. Her column Inspiration: Autism will return next issue.

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Coming Attractions – July/August 2003

Asperger ’s & Little Kids: Play as Therapy
Proactive Strategies for Managing Problem Behaviors
Incidental Teaching – Part 2

Curriculum Planning for an Inclusive Classroom

The Denver Model – A Comprehensive Intervention Program
The SCORE Social Skills Program for Adolescents
The Young Autism Program – Returning Kids to Kindergarten by Age 6

Regular Features
Straight Talk on Language & Communication
Autism the Way I See It by Temple Grandin
Horse Sense: Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Winning the Race of Life
Simply Good Ideas
Special Education Law
Inspiration: Autism

GF/CF: Plain & Simple

Research Update

Ask the Experts
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