On the Cover
Jordan (8) and Matthew (10) are brothers and best friends. Recovering from PDD and Sensory Integration Dysfunction, they like to draw, play computer games, tell stories, do Tae Kwan Do and goof around. They live with their parents in Iowa.

Hidden from Sight: Understanding the Unseen Challenges of Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome
by Kathy Grant
American society as a whole still does not comprehend the person with a mild disability. Kathy offers a first-hand look at the special challenges of being on the mild end of the autism spectrum.

Building Self Esteem in Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome
by Karen L. Simmons
Children with autism have a much harder time with their self-esteem. Noted author Karen Simmons offers strategies for helping your children feel great about themselves.

Jessy & Clara Claiborne Park: A Story of Victory & Progress
By Anke Kriske
Sage advice about building a future for your child from one of the early pioneers in the world of autism.

Autism Around the World – Australia
by Dr. Ken Rigby
Bullying happens; it’s a fact. But not just in schools. It’s an issue in the workplace and even in families.

Can Acupuncture of the Tongue help Autism?
by Dr. Professor Virginia Wong – Hong Kong
Tongue acupuncture can be viewed as a "Start-up" program or adjunctive therapy for autism. However it’s used, new research is proving it’s helpful.

Autism/Asperger’s & Sexuality: Puberty and Beyond
By Jerry and Mary Newport
One part relationship guidebook and one part sensual manual: honest and caring advice throughout. For people with autism/AS and those who love them.

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The ADHD-Autism Connection
A Step Toward More Accurate Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

By Diane M. Kennedy
New insights into the overwhelming number of similarities between autism and ADHD.

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In Every Issue
Managing Editor, Veronica Zysk on Autism

GF/CF: Plain and Simple
by Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D.
This Month: All in the Family

Straight Talk About Language & Communication
by Diane Twachtman-Cullen
This Month: Collaborative Consultation: A Great Idea but has it Really Worked in Practice?

Horse Sense – Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Willing the Race of Life
by Mary Newport
This Month: Education and Jobworthiness

Ask the Experts
Noted professionals from various disciplines answer your questions about behavior, medications, social skills, sensory processing and more. Every now and then, we’ll have them debate a controversial topic so you learn all sides of a new issue.
This Month: Making the Most of the Paraprofessional
[Read an excerpt from this article.]

Special Education Law
Find the latest information about special education programs around the country and the laws that effect them.
by Reed Martin, J.D.
This Month: Let’s Plan to make Next Year the Best Year your Child has Ever Had

Conference Calendar
Find out about all of the upcoming conferences sponsored by Future Horizons.

Research Update
Check out what’s new in Autism, Asperger’s, and PDD research.
This Month: Medication Research in Autism

Autism: The Way I See It
Insight and advice from someone who knows what it’s like to have Autism
by Temple Grandin
This Month: People on the Spectrum Focus on the Details

Into the Light: Our Journey through Early Intervention
By Jacqueline McCracken-Houck
This Month: Testing Results & Life After Diagnosis

Find It
Find out more information about articles, reviews, and stories.

Coming Attractions – November/December Issue

Redefining Family: How Autism impacts Families
Autism & Adolescence: Trying Times made Easier
More on the HANDLE approach to treating autism

New Ideas for teaching Social Skills

A Picture’s Worth: PECS and other Visual Communication Strategies
Transition: Moving through Life with Autism

Regular Features
Straight Talk on Language & Communication
Autism the Way I see It by Temple Grandin
Into the Light: Our Journey through Early Intervention
Horse Sense: Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Winning the Race of Life
Special Education Law
Inspiration: Autism

GF/CF: Plain & Simple

Research Update

Ask the Experts
…and even more!

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