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Kendyl Blain is 13 years old and lives in Jaffrey, NH with her parents and three sisters, one of whom also has autism. Kendyl enjoys acrylic landscape painting and art history.



Featured Articles
Dancing the Night Away and Other Musings on Autism & Adolescence
By Kandace and Alyssa Shirley
A mom and her autistic daughter share their views on dances, boys, raging hormones and letting go.

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Child’s Language Skills
By Karen Emigh
English is certainly not the easiest of languages to learn, especially for kids on the autism spectrum. Learn simple ways that can improve language skills.

Love at First Sight: A Step-Parent’s View of Autism
by Bruce Pizarsky
Being a step-parent of a child with autism involves more than you might think. It’s sometimes a lesson in boundaries – those good, those bad and those desperately in need of revision.

When Speech Gets Stuck: A Hierarchy of Practical Supports for Dyspraxia in Children with ASD – Part 1
by Marge Blanc, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech is movement and, as such, speech therapy is movement therapy. With appropriate movement opportunities kids can attain fluent speech that honors their drive to communicate.

Autism Around the World – Norway
To Pee or Not to Pee?

By Eric R. Williams
More often than not it’s the trying that helps kids, not some formula or method of ‘fixing’ them. So it goes with toilet training, too.

Featured Books
Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration
By Ellen Yack, B.Sc, M.Ed., O.T., Shirley Sutton, B.Sc., O.T. & Paula Aquilla, B.Sc., O.T.
The “how-to” book on sensory integration for parents & professionals. Contains detailed assessment tools as well as practical techniques for home and school.


The Autistic Spectrum Parents’ Daily Helper
A Workbook for You and Your Child

By Philip Abrams & Leslie Henriques, M.P.H.
Loaded with hands-on activities, user-friendly schedules, simple pictures and tips to help parents & their spectrum child navigate daily challenges.


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In Every Issue
Managing Editor, Veronica Zysk on Autism

Special Education Law
By Reed Martin, J.D.
This Month: Evaluation Quick Tips

Ask the Experts
By Ellen Yack, B.Sc., M.Ed., O.T., Shirley Sutton, B.Sc., O.T. & Paula Aquilla, B.Sc., O.T.
This Month: The Wilbarger Protocol for Sensory Defensiveness

Research Update
By Loyd Little
This Month: Families Generally Happy With Initial Early Intervention Services, Study Shows

Inspiration: Autism
By Jennifer Abeles
This Month: Oh Be JOYful!

Postcards from the Road Less Traveled
By Ellen Notbohm
This Month: Our new column especially for Parents

Horse Sense:
Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Winning the Race of Life

By Jerry Newport
This Month: Horses (and Humans) are Not Made of Paper

GF/CF: Plain and Simple
By Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D.
This Month: Rice AGAIN? Rev up your Cooking with these 8 Gluten-Free Grains

Simply Good Ideas
By David F. Freschi
This Month: Back to School: When Behaviors Run Amuck

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Coming Attractions

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Coming Attractions – November/December 2004

Enhancing Self-Esteem & Social Skills
The Best Buddies Program
Helping Special Kids Find Special Friendships
Going to the Dentist
New Ideas that Make Sense
The Eight-Level Hierarchy of Language Supports
Move Me, Groove Me, Twirl and Whirl Me!
Recreation as Therapy for Kids with ASD
Remarkably Able
Transitioning to Independent Assisted Living

Regular Features
Postcards from the Road Less Traveled
Autism the Way I See It by Temple Grandin
Horse Sense:
Wisdom Shared by Autistics Already Winning the Race of Life
Simply Good Ideas
Special Education Law
Inspiration: Autism

GF/CF: Plain & Simple

Research Update

Ask the Experts
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