On The Cover
Jordan (8) and Matthew (10) are brothers and best friends. Recovering from PDD and Sensory Integration Dysfunction, they like to draw, play computer games, tell stories, do Tae Kwan Do and goof around. They live with their parents in Iowa.


Hidden from Sight: Understanding the Unseen Challenges of Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome
by Kathy Grant
American society as a whole still does not comprehend the person with a mild disability. Kathy offers a first-hand look at the special challenges of being on the mild end of the autism spectrum.

Building Self Esteem in Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome
by Karen L. Simmons
Children with autism have a much harder time with their self-esteem. Noted author Karen Simmons offers strategies for helping your children feel great about themselves.

Jessy & Clara Claiborne Park: A Story of Victory & Progress
By Anke Kriske
Sage advice about building a future for your child from one of the early pioneers in the world of autism.

Autism Around the World – Australia

by Dr. Ken Rigby
Bullying happens; it’s a fact. But not just in schools. It’s an issue in the workplace and even in families.

Can Acupuncture of the Tongue help Autism?
by Dr. Professor Virginia Wong – Hong Kong
Tongue acupuncture can be viewed as a "Start-up" program or adjunctive therapy for autism. However it’s used, new research is proving it’s helpful.

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