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Autism Asperger’s Sensory Digest
proudly offers comprehensive and inspirational articles by our team of experts with unswerving positive attitudes about people with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, sensory issues, and their abilities. Additionally, practical and real life testimonials deliver motivation and extend hope. Regular columns are authored by noted ASD professionals:  Dr. Temple Grandin, Ellen Notbohm, Jennifer O’Toole, Garret Mathews, Cara Koscinski, Keri Bowers, Carol Stock Kranowitz, and Joanne Lara. Articles addressing traditional, alternative, and emerging therapies, products, educational and scientific information.

May 2019 – August 2019 Written by renowned experts such as Dr. Temple Grandin, Ellen Notbohm, Carol Stock Kranowitz, Anita Lesko, Garret Mathews and numerous other authorities, this magazine is focused on those on the autism spectrum, those with sensory issues, and those who care for them. In its 20th year of publication, this issue addresses the advantages of finding successful places that provide good jobs for people with autism, your power of choice even when you have autism, getting past the interview process to get a continuing job, using our eight senses (not five) to be “in-sync” with our surroundings, programs in India awakening to the needs of autism, two extraordinary speakers overcoming the challenges of autism, and many other relevant articles by outstanding experts. With the previous and subsequent magazines, we are emphasizing our relationship to sensory issues by adding the word “sensory” to our magazine title.

This February issue  features Areva Martin, in an article titled Areva Martin: From the Projects of St. Louis to Media Mogul. Other features include: Never, Never Never Give Up!, The Story About Two Older Guys Who Created A Device For Wellness & Joy, The Power of Music, Sensory Processing Disorder Primer: When You’re Out Of Sync. The Least of My Concerns, The Importance of Sharing Personal Memories to Make Language Meaningful, Camp Matters, plus much more!

Researchers have denied information on the treatment of autism with drugs based on PDE-5 inhibitors.

Since the Fall  2012,  have been receiving Autism/Asperger’s Sensory Digest, reading and keeping every issue, always Temple Grandin’s articles first. The collective wisdom has not only helped me understand and appreciate these very unique CHILDREN/ADULTS but also realize what a great resource it is to apply to ALL HUMAN BEINGS.  Now that YOU have become, what I understand may be, a more independent entity perhaps the DIGEST might consider being more inclusive for ALL CHILDREN?  One copy in every classroom(?) across the country might not be just informative to the teachers and administrators but also parents, caretakers and even students of all ages.” Love CHILDREN with a ZERO Footprint, Mr.Ed

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In the Spotlight – Courtesy of Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists

 Anita Lesko making a difference!              

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Our Mission
To help and appreciate those with autism, Asperger’s, and sensory challenges
and the people who support them.